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Join Virgin Megastore Circle

Enjoy a range of benefits curated according to your preference from personalized promotions, exclusive cash counters for an easier check out process to quick home delivery and much more.

Start earning loyalty dots against your purchases and access our exciting boosters, latest trends, personalized gifts tailored for you.

Why Join Virgin Megastore Circle?

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Gain access to exclusive deals & promotions.

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Join with just a simple click & start earning Dots!

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Every purchase adds value. Collect Dots to start redeeming cash back!

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Discover unique offers personalized just for you!

Ways to join Virgin Megastore Circle:


Mall Stores

Register at the cash counter and activate your account online.



Visit www.virginmegastore.eg and register your Virgin Megastore Circle account.


How do I collect Dots?

You can collect Dots only at any of the Virgin Megastores with any purchase by using either cash or credit Card. Dots earned : 1 EGP = 1 Dot.

How do I redeem the Dots?

Every time your dots balance reaches 2,500, you can start redeeming at any of our in-store cash counters. You can redeem any multiple of EGP 25 by providing your mobile number.

How can I check my Dots?

You can login to your account on Virgin Megastore Circle website or on the app.

Can I redeem my Dots online or on the app?

Unfortunately you can redeem your dots only in-store

Will my Dots expire?

Yes. Each Dot is valid for one year from the date of transaction.

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