Ring in the New Year

Start the new year with a bang and add a spark to your life when you indulge your hobbies, read your favorite books, and do whatever you can to kickstart your 2022 with a bang. Whether you want to kick your old habits or simply adopt a new skill that illuminates the new you, glow harder than the NYE fireworks by finding everything you need to turn over a new leaf.

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Meet your new year’s resolutions

New year, New YOU! Create new year’s resolutions that you’ll actually want to stick to by kickstarting your journey with a Smart watch or activity tracker that will monitor your progress and show you just how far you’ve come. Don’t forget to stay hydrated with a cool water bottles & flasks that’s sure to become your new workout buddy.

Everyone knows abs are made in the kitchen, so be sure to unleash your inner chef this year and cook up a storm with the sensational kitchen appliances and cookware that will help you perfect your favorite recipes that are healthy or otherwise - we won’t tell!

Have you always wanted to pick up an instrument but just kept putting it off? Not this year! Get your creative juices flowing with an instrument of your choice, from pianos to electric guitars, these musical instruments are sure to be music to your ears!


Smart Watches


Activity Trackers


Bottles & Flasks


Kitchen appliances




Musical Instruments

Level up this New Year

New year means new achievements to unlock, which is why you’ll always want to be ready to level up with awesome gaming equipment that will put you in first place. Whether you’re after the latest gaming laptops and gaming monitors, or next-gen Xbox and PlayStation, you’ll find your weapon of choice here.

Countdown with your squad

We hope you’ve got your poker face on… Add a competitive flair to your NYE countdown party and deal out everyone’s favorite board or card games.

Dance your way into the New Year

What’s New Year’s Eve without a party? Get in the party spirit with classic New Year’s pop hits or impress everyone and jam their favorite NYE songs on your guitar. If you really want to be the best host, then throw a NYE party that no one will forget with fab party supplies that will bang harder than the fireworks!

Out with the old and in with the new? Says who?

There’s no rule that says you can’t go back in time during the New Year… Embrace your inner Marty Mcfly and hop into your time machine with our nostalgic collection that will make the 90s feel like yesterday. Revive the good ol’ days with arcade machines that will take you back to your childhood and enjoy the thrill of putting together a hefty Lego set, and so much more. Spoil your inner child this new year.

Capture every moment!

Say Cheese! Capture every special moment with the latest HD camera that will hold long-lasting memories. Whether you prefer to keep it nostalgic with a polaroid camera or want to capture your wild adventures with an action camera, be sure to discover the lens that will snap the season's most unforgettable highlights.