New year, new you? More like New Year, still me – there’s no need to introduce a new you. Whether you’re already a fitness and outdoor junkie or someone who loves the good ol’ stuff, there’s no pressure on changing the habits. From instant printers and action cameras to skin care products and wellness books, this year, there’s a lot of new things to discover and that starts with our selection.

For those who always crave new adventures and to those aspiring to live a healthier life (or even those who already did), discover our selection that ranges from workout essentials to outdoor necessities.

Some of us can’t let go of our past - that’s okay as we might have the most perfect selection for you! Who said New year has to consist of all things new anyway? Take a step back and relive the good ol’ days of Retro Consoles, Vinyl Players, and more!

Love hanging out with your friends and family? It’s time to do some digital detox and reintroduce game nights! Invite the squad for a proper quality time session just like how we did back in the day – full of friendly competitions both with board and card games.

To everyone who constantly improves their well-being, relax, don’t sweat and indulge more on me-time with skin care products and books about ‘self-improvement’ and ‘wellness’ that will surely help you reach whatever goal you have for this year.

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Ease your way in to a New Year full of pampering

2018 ends, another year starts – this is when we usually set our new resolutions. Sadly, in most cases we tend to forget what goal we have set by the time we reach mid-year due to us thinking it’s not attainable or us having no-time at all. But there’s more than exercise and eating well; Discover our guide on how to properly pamper yourself this year.