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Must Halloween Revamp Must Halloween Revamp

A-Must Halloween Revamp

‘Tis the season of pumpkin carving and cob webs all over, but it’s time to bring your Halloween party décor gaming to the next level – hint: give it a more sophisticated vibe. Missing out on the jack-o’-lantern carving this year, doesn’t mean you can’t let your imagination run wild. If you’re having troubles gathering ideas on what to add to make your space spookier for an upcoming Halloween party, here’s some tips on what you can use aside from the classic jack-o’-lantern.

Candies are must, but don’t skip the appetizers Everyone loves candies; lol, who doesn’t? although, we know that candies are a must, it can also be good to serve proper finger foods and favorite autumnal snacks to your guests. Keep them full but be on the same track as per your theme. Get ideas on what to serve with our spooky Halloween recipes here­

No, Orange is not the new black We mean, don’t just scatter the color orange all over the place, think outside the box – a classic black-and-white will both make the venue sophisticated and spooky. On the side note, create a sophisticated glamour vibe by adding metallic accents.

Select a main area No matter where you choose it to be, use this area go cray with the Halloween décor where your guests can take selfies or even groupies to add on their social media accounts. Find a safe area to put on your Halloween pizazz without it at the same time, taking over the entire place.

What else can we add? Oh, we know! Balloons and garlands Being extra don’t hurt nobody – anyway, you really can’t hose a perfect mysterious Halloween party without the balloons and garlands, right? We can’t be wrong because let’s face it, it’s one of the décor items that always make a big impact no matter what party your throwing

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