Lucky Colors of the Year Lucky Colors of the Year

If you’re looking for extra luck this year then you’ve come to the right place; whether it’s for fashion, home, gaming or gadgets, maximize all the luck you can get and shop our selection of various accessories that follows the Feng Shui’s colors of the year.


Okay, Pink is not ‘really out’ (not for this year). Enjoy the warmer days by strengthening your energy with a lighter and fresher color.


White has always been Minimal yet Bold – great for those who are looking into having a fresh start and jotting down a whole lot of new objectives.


It’s safe to say that the color Red will never be out of trend as it really attracts; so, consider it to entice luck and positive vibes whenever you are in control of it.


You can never go wrong with Orange, especially during the season of spring and summer. It’s vivid, strong and warm – it calls for happiness.


Considered as the most beautiful and prestigious color, yellow signifies neutrality and good luck. Wear this color throughout the year and you can expect a lot of support, nourishment and warmth around you.