Do It Yourself Memory Jars

It’s that time of the year again to make a list of promises to ourselves for the new year. A list of promises that we usually keep for about three weeks before convincing ourselves that they’re simply impossible to do. Make 2017 different. Start the New Year right with one of these three do-it-yourself memory jars. With a DIY as simple and imaginative as this one, there are many ways to make your jar unique, whether you’re feeling inspired, hopeful, nostalgic or motivated.

What you need

• Mason Jar
• Colorful paper/ Notepads
• Pens/ Pencils
• String/Yarn
• Personalized crafts to decorate your jar

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Each of the three versions of the memory jars below allow you to create a design unique to your personality and needs! Pick a jar and get started!

1. The Gift Jar

Stuck on what gift to get a loved one? Want a personalized present? A gift jar is the perfect solution!

Fill up your jar with a mix of all your favorite memories with a person. Whether it's for a birthday, Christmas or the New Year, this jar will act as a mini time capsule, holding all of your memorable moments!

Whether it’s filled with memorabilia or simply just notes expressing good wishes, (or a mixture of both!), gift this jar to someone close for one of the most personalized gifts you can share!

2. The Happiness Jar

It's all about the little joys!

Write a little note about what made you happy that day, no matter how small, and put it in the jar. This could be on a daily basis or simply every time you want to remember a happy occasion.

When you come to open it NYE 2018, you will find a collection of all your happiest moments of the year!

Whether it’s a memorable stroll in the park or an amazing concert, this version of the memory jar allows you to experience your happiest moments over and over again!

Feeling down? Pop open your Happiness Jar and remember an experience or person that makes you happy. Although NYE is the perfect time to reminisce about your past year, a Happiness Jar also comes in handy during low points of the year.

3. The Themed Jar

An ode to your hobbies!

For the travellers of the world, a travel themed jar could become a showcase of your adventures, as every visit to a new location earns itself an addition to your jar.

A book themed jar is perfect for those who want to read more. Every time you come across a book you want to read, be sure to pop its name into the jar!

A themed jar would become that little push you were looking for to cook more. Every time you come across a worthy recipe, add it to your jar!

Depending on your theme, aim to take out one object name or activity in a specific period of time, such as one recipe or book per week!

At the end of the year, see how far you’ve come!

3 Tips To Better Your Jar

• Remember to leave the jar, paper and pen in a visible area in your home

• For easier future reference, add the date to each individual note you put in your jar

• Jar Day! Add a note to your calendar or phone at least once a week to remind yourself to fill your jar