Head of Franchise

Fitness Routine

When did you start exercising /how /why?

I started seriously going to the gym in February. My primary aim was to get fit and stay fit.

What’s your weekly routine?

I do weights 4 days a week and 1 day of cardio, and that’s either playing football or squash.

Do you exercise alone or in group?

I’m part of a group of guys from the office. We encourage and push each other.

What are your top songs to keep you motivated?

Queen or Muse is always on repeat.

How did you change your eating habits?

It wasn’t easy at the beginning. Cutting carbs and sugars is a challenge, but you have to set goals and pursue them vigorously. After a while it becomes routine. I follow a high protein, low carb diet, which has become my eating habit.

How did it change your life?

I lost 9kgs of fat since February and I feel much more healthier and fitter.

Top tip

Set achievable mini goals for yourself. Reward yourself whenever you reach a milestone.

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