Regional HR Manager

Fitness Routine

When did you start exercising /how /why?

I got into Skipping and boxing in 2012 because for a long time I was overweight and I kept having a boxing trainer and he got me into skipping and told me if I want to improve in boxing and lose weight I need to increase my agility with Skipping.

What’s your weekly routine?

these days I actually enjoy putting tough challenges for myself and achieving them – the way it works for me is short term goals – celebrating the achievement and setting another short term goal.

Do you exercise alone or in group?

I enjoy working out alone and both with the team.

What are your top songs to keep you motivated?

I like Liquid mix deep house for running and jogging – Ahmet Kilic Mixes for Skipping and Liquid for lifting and physical workouts.


How did you change your eating habits?

I think knowledge is the key – knowledge is important and changing eating habit is a process that requires patience and many trials and errors. The objective is to keep clean eating in mind and keep consistency with finding alternatives for the bad habits , that is the only way to see improvement. Now my perception of food is nutrition for my mind and body and finding ways to make my food look pleasant and also taste pleasant. The key is to overcome the sugar craving in the body and adapt the body to appreciate the natural tastes.

How did it change your life?

Good clean eating has a holistic influence in my life. My sleeping is in order and normal , my skin and my mood are in good situation and most of all, I feel in control of my body and mind and not sugar craving. I also have accepted that there will be days that I will cheat and I will have sugar cravings and I look for sugar fix however the key is not to give up and to continue to cultivate good habits in my daily routine.


  • 1. Patience is a virtue , if you are looking for quick results , you will put your body in jeopardy.
  • 2. I learned to stop punishing myself and instead loving myself and rewarding myself with things other than food when I accomplish a good sustainable period of clean eating or exercising.
  • 3. Stop comparing yourself with others. Aspire to become better like those who are your role models but avoid constant comparison with others to put yourself down.
  • 4. I also allow myself  to eat loads of one thing in a cheat day and I need to wait for the next cheat day to try other things.
  • 5. Don’t go more than 10 days with no diet or exercise keep that consistency always in check.
  • 6. Most of all , you need to keep reminding yourself why you started and why you wanted it so bad because we tend to forget when our mood is down or when we are busy.

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