Your 7-Day Valentine’s Beauty Prep Guide

The most romantic day of the year is now upon us and you know what that means – time to do some ultimate beauty prep. Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s with a date or a night out with your gal friends, we’ve come up with a 7-Day tip guide to get yourself fully ready for the big night.

Day 1 - Remove the blemishes Start your beauty ritual by having flawless skin - unwelcomed blemishes can be a pain especially when you have a big occasion to attend to; so it’s best to avoid and heal them as soon as they made their appearance. If you’re wondering what’s the best solution, we suggest to use Foreo Espada to blast the blemishes out of existence as soon as possible and as effective as it can be.

Day 2 – Face mask Face mask might sound cliché but it helps your skin to stay flawless as it is. Put on your favorite mask, kick back and let it do its magic. For effective results, you can draw yourself a warm steamy bath to open up your pores for added bonus – this will give you a proper “me” time and a time to think about what you’re going to wear.

Day 3 - Aim for pearly whites Having perfect pearly white teeth will help you be picture ready for the whole night – there’s a lot of methods on how to achieve this i.e., whitening toothpaste, toothbrushes, DIY home remedies etc., choose whatever approach you are entirely comfortable to do.

Day 4 – Hair Mask You wouldn’t want to skip this step; therefore, having a shiny, healthy, volumized hair is a must! Give your hair the proper care that it deserves and that includes massive hydration – hair mask will help keep your locks look extra lavish. Apply 10-15 minutes before you take shower and be sure to rinse every ounce of it by the end to let it sink in and do its work. Avoid using heat tools few days before the big night or be sure to apply extra heat protection for your hair to look extra healthy and shiny.

Day 5 – Scrubs Don’t forget about scrubbing! Few days more until the big night and this is the perfect time to push your skin to the best it can be – fresh, bright and radiant. It’s important to exfoliate with a face/body scrub before the night you’re preparing for. Apply the scrub to remove all the dull skin that’s turning down your inner glow (we wouldn’t want that, right?). You’ll be leaving the shower with nothing but glowing goodness and super smooth, healthy skin.

Day 6 – Lip Treatment Use a lip treatment in the form of a nourishing balm (lip mask can help too!). The more intense the hydration, the better. Doing this step will give your lips the perfect canvas for a classic red lipstick!

Day 7 – Nails The day has come and you’re almost prepared to go on to the big night. Before you dress up and do your makeup, it’s probably best to touch up your nails. Spare few hours to go to the salon or even at home to polish your nails. If you don’t have much time, it’s best to use fake nails as it’s not complex to do and only takes up few minutes then you’re done.

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