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Create the perfect red lip

Moisturize to revamp the skin Before applying any makeup make sure to wash and moisturize. Don’t have a moisturizing routine? Take a peek at our Skincare Routine. Hydrate your lips with lip gels or creams full of vitamins and nutrients to protect and moisturize. You can also use our MOR Lip Macaron products.

Going subtle or loooking for a bolder look? Choosing to go bold or subtle is never easy with lipstick. First choose your type of lipstick; matte, sheer, or gloss? Then pick your shade; natural red, Taylor Swift bright red, or a darker red? Think of a color that enhances your outfit and your choice of eye makeup.

Nude base lasts a long race Start with a nude base, allowing the color to pop and to keep the lipstick lasting longer. You want a white canvas in order to achieve the exact color you want, applying a light layer of foundation or concealer on your lips will help towards achieving the final look.

Nude base is a must, lip liner is a choice Want your lips to look plumper? If so, apply lip liner. There are various ways to apply lip liner to achieve different looks, but to create a flawless red lip two options work perfectly. Outline your lips using a shade similar to your lipstick this will keep the lipstick from bleeding and looking messy. You can also outline, fill, and blend, color your nude lips with lip liner and smudge to fill in all areas, this will provide a long lasting duration and keep your lips colored in case your lipstick wears off during the day.

Time for the real deal Ready? Time to apply the chosen lipstick. Simply apply two layers of lipstick then using a lip brush fill in any missed spots and edges to create that even plump look. Make sure to blot with tissue to remove any excess color.

Putting highlighter on your lips, what?! Never thought about applying highlighter to your lips? Well, this is the secret to the trick. Using the same lip brush dab some highlighter onto it and apply it downwards in the middle of your lips, from your cupid’s bow. Smudge slightly remaining in that area to create a glossy illusion and maintain an even look.

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