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Keep Smartphone Clean

We all know our phones have become our best buddy; we carry it with us wherever we go. It’s probably no surprise that our devices could be covered in bacteria and germs. Yikes! If you’ve finally found it alarming, here are a few tips you can try to minimize the amount of grit and grim lurking on your phone.

Wipe it down
Make it a habit to wipe down your phone as frequently as you can. Doing so helps reduce the bacteria from surrounding your phone. When doing so, avoid using paper towels which could scratch your screen. Use this fast 2-step cleaning kit, Cgynett’s Screen Cleaning Kit instead. You can also do the same with your tablets, laptops and other devices.

Clean the Edges and Corners
Say goodbye to the little crumbs and gunk living on the edges of your phone by using cotton swabs, which help clean the areas that are harder to reach with wipes. Use a cotton swab and brush it over the edges and corners of your phone such as the speakers, headphone jack as well as its ports to ensure that every area is left squeaky clean. Don’t forget the buttons, too!

Guard your Phone
Keeping your phone clean sometimes require maintaining your screen by changing your screen protector especially once the scratches and the dirt become too unbearable. Doing so also keeps your smart phone looking brand new and clean.

Apart from the screen, make sure that what protects your phone is sturdy enough. Cases and protectors will not only prevent your phone from any damage but also helps in keeping germs out. Make sure that you also take frequent care on cleaning the cases to avoid germ buildup.

Never Run out of Memory Again
Cleaning your phone’s internal memory is also a way of keeping your smart phone clean. Photos, videos and other files can take a huge chunk of space on your device. The less space you have, the more time you’d spend managing your internal storage. If you find yourself running out of memory frequently, consider getting a mobile data storage. These files are stored on the external device that you can access at any time. You can view the content stored by plugging the device on your phone or computer. The good thing about it is it’s portable and it instantly gives you extra storage, so you don’t have to ever worry about running out of memory again.

What Not To Do
When cleaning your screen make sure you avoid using disincentive wipes and rubbing alcohol. Although they can be effective in killing germs, they can remove the coating on your glass screen, which repels the fingerprints and oils from your fingers and face. Also avoid using cloths or paper towels that could scratch your phone.

After following all these tips, your phone should now be squeaky clean. The only challenge left is to maintain and to clean your phone as frequent as once a week and you’re good to go. It could be a tedious task but remember, sanitizing helps in having a healthy and clean phone!

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