International Cuisines you wouldn't want to miss

It’s no secret that we’re always on the lookout for anything new – especially when we’re talking about flavors that our taste buds are not familiar with. With Dubai Food Festival upon us, it’s the perfect time to venture out and get your food tasting skills going. Check out these international cuisines that you can easily implement in your very own kitchen.

Middle Eastern It’s the easiest ‘DIY’ given we reside in a region where all the needed ingredients are available at our fingertips. Its one of the tastiest cuisines – or simply try it in Mediterranean restaurants, which ‘btw’ we have plenty of around town. Best dishes to get your taste buds going with are:

- Tabbouleh
- Falafel
- Labneh

Mexican From Tacos to Burritos to nachos, it’s hard not to love this cuisine. With versatile, customizable dishes, Mexican food lends itself to big sharing dinners and casual help-yourself feasts, making it suitable for every dinner or party. Best dishes to get started are:

- Chicken Tostadas
- Refried Beans
- Salsa and Chips

Southeast Asian In Southeast Asia, the best meals are not found while dining in luxurious settings but are in the humblest of eateries. That side of the world doesn’t care much about the ambiance – and rather it’s all about flavor. Southeast Asian cuisine is one of the most versatile as it’s full of diverse ingredients, flavors and spices. Best dishes to get started are:

- Nasi Goreng
- Pad Thai
- Sticky Rice

Moroccan Influenced by Morocco’s hustle and bustle between the people’s interactions and exchanges with other cultures, this cuisine so vibrant in color and flavor. Once you try its irresistible flavor combinations, we guarantee it’ll be one of your top favorites. Best dishes to try are:

- Couscous
- Tagine
- Mint Tea

Korean This cuisine has made it into its peak of popularity in recent years due to its health benefits. There are a lot of easy to make Korean dishes that don’t need hours to prepare. With the main meal and a couple of side dishes, you’ll still be able to impress any Korean foodie. Best dishes to try are:

- Korean BBQ
- Spicy Kimchi Stew
- Korean Rolled Egg Omelets

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