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How to organize your desk

Did you know that a more organized workspace leads to more productivity and efficiency? Whether the workspace is at your office or home, organization is essential.
With these six tips, you can organize your desk space in a matter of minutes and transform your workspace into a positive environment!

By Yara, our digital marketing assistant.

Keep screen at eye-level.
Keep your monitor at least 17 inches (an arm’s length) away from your face to avoid hurting your eyes and causing headaches. This prevents neck pains throughout the day and allows you to achieve the most comfortable position to work.

Limit your supplies.
Essential items such as pens, highlighters, staplers should be your must-haves and kept on your desk. Others such as rulers, staple removers, whiteout, extra staples, paperclips, etc. should be kept in your cabinet for when needed.

Embrace color.
Use colored or well-labeled files to keep your papers organized and to help you find documents quickly.

Personalize your desk.
Bring in a few knick-knacks from home to give you positive vibes throughout the work day. Do not go overboard as they will turn into distractions from your work instead of simple decorations

Reorganize daily.
Before leaving work at the end of each day, reorganize your desk in order to assure a fresh, new, and easy start each morning. Organize and rid yourself of any unnecessary papers of the day.

Create “zones”.
Keep your work phone to your dominant side to avoid reaching across your body, causing unnecessary disruptions. Keep relevant papers and folders on the desk to your non-dominant side as you will reach for them occasionally. Keep a clear white space on your desk, preferably notebook sized in order to ease reviewing and organizing papers throughout the day.

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