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Benefits of Green Tea

Whether it is drank hot or cold, tea is the second most consumed drink in the world. Packed with nutrients and minerals, green tea specifically is considered to be one of the healthiest forms of tea one can drink.

By Eloise & Eman, our website team.

Six benefits of drinking green tea

Complement your skincare routine.
Not only does green tea taste amazing, its antioxidants also do a great job at preventing anti-ageing and wrinkles. By drinking more tea (which is essentially made up of water), you are hydrating your skin and allowing for essential nutrients to be absorbed.

Take a quick break from your work, stand up, walk to the kitchen and prepare a nice mug of green tea. Add some lemon, honey, ginger or mint leaves to add even more flavor. You already feel relaxed? There’s more… One of the components of green tea (L-Theanine), an amino acid, has a calming effect.

Fat loss benefits
Caffeine and catechins are components of green tea linked to weight loss. They can directly give an extra boost to your diet by increasing short term fat burning and help control glucose levels, preventing excess fat storage. Switching out sugary drinks for green tea in your diet can reduce the amount of calories consumed by a large margin. For added benefit, avoid adding sugar in your cup of green tea.

Long-term protection
Besides the main active ingredient of caffeine, green tea also contains properties that are linked to memory enhancement and cognitive function in the brain. Long term effects of consistently drinking green tea also include preservation of certain areas of the brain in old age.

Combats diseases
Antioxidant properties found in green tea reduce the body’s chances of developing certain diseases and illnesses. In addition, green tea is found to aid in the growth of healthy cells in the body, further adding to the body’s fight against diseases.

Anti-bacterial properties of green tea have also been proven to be used by the body in its fight against oral diseases and bacteria. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties help in the fight against swelling and redness, especially when it comes to acne.

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