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How To: Flawless Base

Everyone yearns for the day their makeup base will be as smooth and perfect as all those Instagram models’ makeup looks. Seriously?! It’s humanely impossible to have our makeup be so flawless and accurate!

Well, not anymore. We’ve put together a few easy tips to apply an impeccable base to cover all those imperfections and to make it last the whole day.

1. Moisturize your skin Moisturizing is vital to achieve healthy skin. Our skin requires regular attention to stay young, blemish-free and healthy. When makeup becomes part of your daily routine it causes clogging of the pores leading to pimples and spots on your face.

2. Prime and Conceal After having moisturized correctly, apply a primer like Misslyn Time to Prime Silky Soft Skin Primer to create a soft and even base for the rest of your applications. Next is to apply concealer. Put Misslyn Concealer in downward strokes below the eyes in order to lighten up the face by fixing potential dark circles. Blend the concealer using a blending sponge.

3. Blend that Foundation Next apply a foundation like Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation by squeezing a small portion on your hand and using a finger applying it to all areas of your face – without blending yet. Using Lottie Flawless Base Foundation brush, blend the foundation in smooth even strokes on your face.

4. Conceal Some More If, after blending the foundation, dark circles are still noticeable apply another layer of concealer over the dark circles and blend by patting the sponge on the area. If pimples or spots are still showing apply concealer to those areas as well and pat to blend for an even look.

5. Set it with Powder In order to set your base, apply Wet N Wild’s Pressed Powder using a brush to give an even tone to your face and make sure the base lasts the whole day.

6. Pop Some Colour As a final touch apply some blush like Misslyn Treat Me Sweet Powder Blush or a bronzer like Wet N Wild Bronzer to your cheeks to give them some color and you’re ready to go.

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