We are back We are back


The wait is finally over. After several long months of renovation, everyone’s favorite lifestyle store is open again in The Dubai Mall and is set to turn heads!

Bigger and better more than EVER With over 2,400m2, you will find yourself easily spending hours and hours shopping for the latest range of music, coolest multimedia gadgets, the hottest games, and skimming through our wide range of books and toys.

Your choice of Lifestyle Destination When we say we’re the IT Lifestyle destination, we mean it. Our RedBox section has expanded in space taking up a full side of our store, allowing us to feature even more awesome qualitative ranges of fashion, house, toys, grooming and stationery products including exclusive items which are only available at our stores. One unique element our store offers is an all-new lifestyle kids section - a haven for all things cool the young ones would love.

Amongst the wide variety of products & services, owning something unique that no one else has always felt great. Enjoy the various customization services you can do with the products you purchase at our store; from designing your skateboards with Dynamics to engraving your electronics and gadgets with your personalized designs, or have a seat on our barber chair for all your grooming needs. You never know, we might have one of your favorite and our exclusive grooming brands sponsoring the chair for all your fresh cuts and shaves.

Gaming Zone If you're a true gamer, this 170m2 section of our store will make you feel like you are in your own element. We guarantee it. Find everything from consoles to gaming collectibles and products we all love like Nintendo and PlayStation. This will be an exclusive space where you and your friends can visit, chill and test out the latest games.

Music & Culture We will always stick to our roots - MUSIC. Imagine an area that combines all music related items into one. Everything from musical instruments to gadgets, CDs, and LPs to a dedicated music-inspired fashionwear, we got it all. We won't disappoint you, we promise.

Not just do we love and appreciate music, but we believe in showcasing the talent of our local community. May it be through music or the arts, we cherish it. Myne&Yours, one of UAE's most established street artists, created a mural masterpiece across the lifestyle section wall of our new store; a retro-inspired artwork that expresses the fun brand DNA of Virgin Megastore. This is definitely a must-see during your visit!

The Hunt Is ON Meet us at The Dubai Mall on August 30th from 4 to 5 PM.

There are 10 hidden boxes in our store. Tune in to our Instagram Stories from August 20th to find all the clues for you to spot a box.

Spot a box and get a chance to win G-Shocks, Fitbits, GoPros, Syma Drones, Nintendo Switches and many more.