Safety First

Safety is one of the most important elements to a parent when it comes to raising their children. Whether that’s the child’s day-to-day safety in the house, at school, at a park or most importantly (and the one overlooked the most) the child’s safety on the roads.

The proper use of size-appropriate car safety seats and seat belts helps keep children safe and reduces the risk of serious injuries. We have to start early and instill road safety values at a young age and the best way to do it is to lead by example.

We know how important your child’s safety is to you and it is to us too! This is one of the reasons why we’ve partnered up with Careem for the upcoming Back to School season. Careem have pre-installed universal car seats on all of their Careem Kids Cars, giving you and your family a comfortable and safe journey.

Why is this relevant to me?

With every purchase on virginmegastore.ae, receive a Careem promo code with your delivery. This code enables you to a discount on up to 2 rides.

How does it work?

When making your Careem booking, simply select “Careem Kids” as the car type. These are dedicated cars that come pre-installed with a child seat.

Please note that there is only one child seat per car. Each Careem Kids car comes with one pre-installed universal child seat – if you require an additional one, please make arrangements to bring your own. Our captains will be more than happy to assist with installing it.

As always, you can pay in cash, with your credit card or with Careem credits.

Have a safe trip!

Check out Careem's website to book your next ride: http://www.careem.com/