Wonder Woman Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo

Worlds will collide as New York Times #1 Bestseller Leigh Bardugo. author of The Six of Crows, takes on DC Superstar hero Wonder Woman.

The Young Adult author delivers us a coming of age tale for Diana and Leigh’s own take on a Wonder Woman origin story.

Book Review

by Kit, our Senior Books Buyer

"She might end up being the world’s greatest hero, but right now Diana wants nothing more than to prove her worth as a warrior to her Amazon sisters. When the chance finally comes, instead of glory, she risks everything to save the life of a mortal. It’s not the end of world…. No, actually it probably is.

Thrust together, and hunted from all sides, Diane & Alia must live long enough to discover the truth of the Warbringers and hopefully stop the approaching age of bloodshed, misery, & doom.

This is the first of the DC Icons series, which will each see a Bestselling Young Adult author tackle a different hero from the DC Universe. We love Wonder Woman Warbringer and hope you do too.

Don’t miss out on Marie Lu, Matt de la Pena, & Sarah J Maas reimagining Batman, Superman, & Catwoman as teenagers and bringing their own unmistakable styles to the characters."

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