July Legendary By Stephanie Garber

The spellbinding sequel to Sunday Times bestselling Caraval.

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Islam Osama Hussein Book Expert, Virgin Megastore

After Stephanie Garber's marvelous New York Times bestselling debut novel Caraval was published in 2017, book lovers worldwide were left with jaws dropped and minds blown. The sequel, Legendary, does it again.

Caraval was one of my absolute favourite reads of 2017, and I was convinced that nothing could top its magic. But Legendary is even more magical.

Legendary picks up from where Caraval ended – from Tella’s point of view. Tella needs to win to uncover the truth about Caraval and Legend. How the Caraval master’s true identity is uncovered, is for you to find out.

This is one of 2018’s most anticipated books – don’t miss out on a mesmerizing experience.

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