The Dry

Who really killed the Hadler family? The Dry delivers a series of dizzying twists and shocking revelations.

'One of the most stunning debuts I've ever read' - David Baldacci

'A compulsive read' - Kate Hamer, bestselling author of The Girl in the Red Coat

'A cracking good read' - Laura McBride, author of We Are Called to Rise

Book Review

by Kit, our books buyer

It is in the wake of a brutal crime that Aaron Falk returns to town; once an outcast and now The Law, he finds himself helplessly drawn into investigating the suicide of his childhood friend and murder of their family. It’s a small town with a big story to tell & you’ll be sure to find long buried secrets, characters of dubious moral standing, and a healthy dose of mystery inside The Dry.

Just try for a minute to imagine living somewhere where it rarely rains, where years could pass with hardly a drop, and the dust-thick air hangs heavy around you...

Have you ever felt that ineffable frustration build-up on those long hot days? Has the summer had you ready to weep openly over a crashed spreadsheet or ready to swear vengeance over someone not holding the lift door? Well then you might just have an inkling about the atmosphere in the small farming town of Kiewarra, the setting for The Dry. An otherwise sleepy Australian town, but after years of draught and unrelenting heat, tempers have worn too thin and it’s just a question of who will snap under the strain first.

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