Introduced by MediCom Toy, Japan in 2001, Be@rbricks are limited edition collectibles shaped in the form of an anthromophized bear and produced in limited edition runs, their designes are based on anything from modern art & pop-culture to film & TV and fashion/streetwear.
*Exclusive at Virgin Megastore

Our Favorites

Bearbrick Phil Frost Based on one of New York’s finest artist, Phil Frost, Medicom Toys created a raw, gritty edge of the street with elegant, painterly aesthetic just like how Frost did his works. He became known in the early 90s for his involved installations on the streets of New York.

FC Barcelona 400/100 If you’re an FCB fan then for sure you’re going to love these! Show your support with these brilliant Bearbrick rocking the Barcelona home uniform for the 17-18 season!

The Joker 1000% Turn on the Bat-signal for the Dark Knight as Medicom is bringing the biggest-baddest favorite villain of all time from Gotham City to Virgin Megastore.

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