Funko Pop TV Squid Game

If you loved the Netflix K-drama Squid Game then you’re in for a treat, minus the deadly competition. We hope you’re ready to choose your player because we’re giving you the green light to reserve your favorite Squid Game Funko Pop toys ahead of their 2022 release! You don’t need a billion-dollar cash prize to feel like a winner here, so forget high stake games and feel instantly victorious by ordering the latest Squid Game collectables.
Save yourself from elimination at the checkout and race to recruit your favorite player, whether it’s the undefeatable protagonist Player 456 or the infamous Masked Workers who really know how to call the shots. Whoever you choose as an ally, you’ll never have to worry about losing a tug of war over these tempting toys. Survive the rush and stay on top of the game by pre-ordering your Squid Game Funko Pops now!

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Watch the Squid game trailer