Aladdin x Naito Sustainable Water Bottles

Aladdin is a company producing unique, stylish, and sustainable products that make the most of everyday moments. Meanwhile, Naito is a cutting edge Japanese artist and designer who has teamed up with Aladdin to bring the best of both worlds with their new collection of stainless steel water bottles. The new Aladdin X Naito collection comes with 4 exclusive artworks on the new iconic Chilled Thermavac™ Water Bottles that truly promote a healthy lifestyle. Aladdin X Naito stainless steel water bottles are designed with high performance, durability, and leak-resistance features, making these stylish and unique insulated bottles good for you and good for the planet. Whether you’re exercising, travelling, or even staying at home, Aladdin X Naito stainless steel water bottles are a must-have item for staying hydrated on any occasion.

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Aladdin x Naito Sustainable Water Bottles

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The American company aladdin has been developing award-winning, environmentally friendly design made of innovative materials for more than 100 years. Aladdin wants to make everyday life easier and more beautiful. Aladdin crave collection, aladdin AVEO water bottles, aladdin AVEO travelpress, aladdin AVEO vacuum flask, tumbler, aladdin BENTO lunch boxes and much more.

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Whether you prefer patterns or simple colours, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. The Aladdin x Naito sustainable water bottles collection has a beautiful balance of function and design. These water bottles are inspired by elements of water and nature, with the unique and slim design of the Chilled water bottle as the perfect canvas, making them ideal for hot days Aladdin x Naito reusable water bottles don’t just make your life easier and more enjoyable, they also inspire and empower you to stay hydrated and be in style all day. In addition to that, these reusable water bottles are also designed to help reduce single-use plastic and protect the environment.

Check out Aladdin Stainless Steel Water Bottles Features

Aladdin x Naito stainless steel water bottles come with the Aladdin Sustain Promise, which guarantees the latest innovation and high quality. Aladdin’s stainless-steel bottle beats the traditional water bottle due to its compact vacuum insulation technology. The double-wall Thermavac vacuum insulated water bottle maintains the temperature inside and keeps your drinks fresh for up to 9 hours regardless of the outside temperature. Additionally, these insulated water bottles are also extremely durable owing to this double-wall feature giving them an added layer of protection against dents. On top of that, the removable leak-proof lid and wide bottleneck of these eco-friendly water bottles make them easy to fill and clean. Every part of these reusable stainless steel water bottles is generally safe, as it is made according to EU quality standards, and consists of durable no-rust stainless steel; BPA free. With all of the unique design features of these stainless steel water bottles, you can buy your favourite insulated water bottles and enjoy a superb range of options for all-purpose use or gift it to a loved one.